KIKA (Crane users in Nuclear Facilities) is a network specifically directed towards lifting processes within the nuclear power industry or other operations where nuclear material is lifted. Participants in the network are from Sweden and Finland. The members of KIKA are the NPPs in Sweden and Finland (Forsmark, Oskarshamn, Ringhals, Loviisa and TVO), together with Barsebäck, SKB, SVAFO and Studsvik.

The aim of KIKA is to unite and support each other when it comes to questions of safety and the exchange of experience with the lifting area. KIKA was started in 1999, at the time with members from Sweden only. Since then Finland with Loviisa and TVO has joined. Since its inception, KIKA has developed common competence requirements for inhouse inspection, crane operators, slingers, signalmen and lifting leaders.

Milestones for KIKA

  • 1999
    First meeting
  • 2001
    Common competence requirements for inhouse inspection
  • 2004
    Common competence requirements for crane operators, slingers, signalmen and lifting leaders
  • 2006
    Special information about new EN-standards (EN-13001, EN-13135 etc) by Ilkka Riikonen and Hannu Rantala
  • 2007
    Loviisa and TVO (Finland) became members
  • 2008
    First Nuclear Cranes Seminar was held in Växjö, Sweden
  • 2010
    Second Nuclear Cranes Seminar was held in Växö, Sweden
  • 2014
    Fourth edition of KIKA TS (Technical specification) is released.