KIKA Nuclear Cranes Seminar

We would like to inform you of the status regarding KIKA Nuclear Cranes Seminar.
We at KIKA is grateful for the positive feedback on all our Nuclear Cranes Seminars over the years, and we therefore planed yet another interesting and informative seminar during 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, things have not been going according to plans.

At the moment we have some interesting new information and technical projects that we think would be very interesting to share with the rest of the nuclear crane community. We are also firm believers in physical meetings regarding this kind of technical information and issues, in order to get the most out of our seminar.

As soon as we can see that a physical Nuclear Cranes Seminar would be able to be conducted, we will start for the planning and execution of the next Nuclear Cranes Seminar in Växjö.

We will come back as soon as we have more information.